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Hotels in Barcelona

Want to be pampered? Barcelona knows how to impress visitors. As the premier tourist destination in Spain, you may choose from the skyscraper hotels of starchitects that have changed the skyline, or the architect-designer teams that have restored historic properties in astonishing hotels, along with dining in the superstar attractions of hotel restaurants.

Hotels in Barri Gotic and along La Ramble compete with newer lodgings in the Eixample or west along Diagonal, where waterfront monoliths set the standard for upscale hotels. Many Eixample hotels occupy restored late 19th or 20th century town houses, mixing style and luxury with a sense of place.

Hotel Strategy

Reserve well in advance for June's bookings. Specify whether you prefer two beds or one double bed. Single rooms can be fairly small, so paying for a single occupancy in a double room may be worth the extra cost. 

Hotels listed below are top-rated. Prices may vary, and can go up or down depending on many factors. 

You can map the location of each hotel with the venue, which is located at: Casa Convalescència, Sant Antoni Mª Claret, 171, Barcelona.

Cost Guide

 Cost is under €150
 Cost is between €150-250
 Cost is above €250

* Cost is based on current website pricing, as of January 14, 2017, and may vary; based on double occupancy, per night.

Hotels with Discounted Rates for Attendees

Hotel Amrey Sant Pau

from €100

Pros: just in front of Casa Convalenscència

Cons: further away from the center of the city than other options

Website: Hotel Amrey Sant Pau

Hotel Ayre Rosellon

from €170

Pros: strategic location, minutes away from La Sagrada Familia

Cons: located in a nosier part of the city

Website: Hotel Ayre Rosellon

Distance to venue: 1.6 km / 1 mile

Via public transportation: 9 minutes 

Via taxi: 4 minutes

Other Top-Rated Hotels in Barcelona (by area)

Barri Gotic

Arai-Palau Dels Quatre Rius Monument 

from €269

Pros: warm, attentive service, top-tier amenities, strategic location, superb soundproofing.

Cons: pool on the rooftop terrace is tiny, no spa, no room service, rooms on the top floor lack some of the historic charm.

Website: Arai-Palau Dels Quatre Rius Monument

Distance to venue: 4.6 km / 2.9 miles

Via public transportation: 33 minutes

Via taxi: 17 minutes

Arai-Palau Dels Quatre Rius Monument


from €125

Pros: central location, good value for price.

Cons: small lobby, no bar, spa or pool.


Distance to venue: 4.3 km / 2.7 miles

Via public transportation: 27 minutes

Via taxi: 26 minutes 


El Raval

Hotel España

from €190

Pros: strategic location, steeped in artistic history, friendly staff, excellent restaurant.

Cons: the lower rooms on Career Sant Pau get some street noise.

Website: Hotel España

Distance to venue: 4.8 km / 3.0 miles

Via public transportation: 32 minutes 

Via taxi: 17 minutes

Hotel España

La Rambla


from €277

Pros: impeccable service, equally ideal for families and romantic couples.

Cons: subway rumble discernible in lower rooms on La Rambla side.

Website: H1898

Distance to venue: 4.3 km / 2.7 miles

Via public transportation: 24 minutes

Via taxi: 15 minutes



from €211

Pros: strategic location, good value.

Cons: no parking, no pool or spa, noisy neighborhood.

Website: SERHS

Distance to venue: 4.2 km / 2.6 miles

Via public transportation: 22 minutes

Via taxi: 22 minutes

Hotel SERHS Rivoli Rambla

Barceloneta, Port Olympic, & Forum


from €236

Pros: elegant service and furnishings, central location for shopping and sightseeing, very friendly service.

Cons: bathrooms are designer chic but a bit cramped, no spa.

Website: Claris Hotel

Distance to venue: 2.8 km / 1.7 miles

Via public transportation: 18 minutes

Via taxi: 8 minutes


Condes de Barcelona

from €181

Pros: elegant Moderniste building with subdued contemporary furnishings, prime spot in the middle of the Eixample.

Cons: no spa.

Website: Condes de Barcelona

Distance to venue: 2.9 km / 1.8 miles

Via public transportation: 23 minutes

Via taxi: 9 minutes

Condes de Barcelona

Continental Palacete

from €143

Pros: family-friendly, attentive staff, ideal location, microwaves in all rooms, good value for the price.

Cons: room decor is relentlessly pink and overdraped, bathrooms a bit cramped and lack amenities.

Website: Continental Palacete

Distance to venue: 3.5 km / 2.2 miles

Via public transportation: 23 minutes

Via taxi: 13 minutes 

Continental Palacete

Hotel Granados 83

from €167

Pros: quiet strategic location, polished professional service, wide variety of good casual restaurants nearby, excellent value for the price.

Cons: rooms a bit small, pricey buffet breakfast.

Website: Hotel Granados 83

Distance to venue: 3.3 km / 2.1 miles

Via public transportation: 31 minutes

Via taxi: 12 minutes 

Hotel Granados

Hotel Murmuri

from €183

Pros: warm, professional service, strategic Eixample location, child-friendly, excellent value for the price.

Cons: no pool, gym or spa.

Website: Hotel Murmuri

Distance to venue: 3.0 km / 1.9 miles

Via public transportation: 27 minutes

Via taxi: 10 minutes 

Hotel Murmuri

Sarita, Sant Gervasi, Putxet & Pedralbes

Primero Primera

from €204

Pros: warm, professional service, family-friendly (babysitter service available), great value.

Cons: a bit far from downtown.

Website: Pimero Primera

Distance to venue: 4.8 km / 3.0 miles

Via public transportation: 27 minutes

Via taxi: 14 minutes 

Primero Primera

Turo de Vilana

from €113

Pros: quiet surroundings, very good value.

Cons: 30 minutes to the center of the city, no pool or spa.

Website: Turo de Vilana

Distance to venue: 4.8 km / 3.0 miles

Via public transportation: 33 minutes

Via taxi: 15 minutes 

Turo de Vilana

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