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IDa Shaw 

Honorary Life Membership Nominee - ISST General Membership Assembly September 2022

  • Ida Shaw, M.A. is an International Society Schema Therapy (ISST) Certified Advanced level Schema Therapist and Trainer/Supervisor in Individual, Group and Child-Adolescent Schema Therapy. She has made significant contributions to the development of ISST and Schema Therapy through her service on ISST committees and her training, supervision, writing and research on ST. Ida directs the Indianapolis Center of the Schema Therapy Institute Midwest (founded in 2010), which has ISST-approved training programs in individual, group, and child adolescent Schema Therapy. She serves as chair of the Child-Adolescent Certification committee and is a member of the ISST Training and Certification Advisory Board. She presents regularly at ISST conferences. Ida has supported and supervised the development of ST training programs in eight countries.

    Ida and Joan Farrell began work on the model that became Group ST in the late 1980s. Their model is documented in two books published by Wiley-Blackwell in 2012 and 2014. Their group model has been tested in two randomized controlled trials (Farrell & Shaw, 2009; Arntz et al. Shaw, Farrell, 2022) and three pilot studies (Reiss, Vogel, Lieb, Arntz, Shaw & Farrell, 2013) demonstrating significant effectiveness in treating Borderline Personality disorder (BPD). Ida was the trainer and supervisor of the group schema therapists for the five country international RCT testing two combinations of Group ST for over ten years published in JAMA 2022. Ida and Joan established ST BPD treatment programs in a large psychiatric hospital affiliated with Indiana University School of Medicine where they trained psychiatry residents and clinical psychology interns for 25 years. Ida developed treatment protocols for and supervised the therapists for trials of GST for AvPD and individual ST for DID. She took GST to 16 countries by providing in-person training and ongoing supervision. She continues to provide training and supervision online. Ida’s graduate degree is in developmental psychology and she has extensive experience working with children and adolescents in various settings. She is also one of the developers of the Child-Adolescent model of ST and provides training and supervision internationally in that specialty area also. Her creativity and expertise in developing experiential interventions for ST for children and adolescents have contributed significantly to the development of C-A Schema Therapy.

    To quote the founder of ST, Jeffrey Young from the foreword to one of their books: The experience that the authors have gained over 30 years is evident throughout. The approach Joan and Ida have developed is truly unique, exciting and promising. What truly amazed me – perhaps because her style is so different from mine and Joan’s -- was the remarkable group work of Ida Shaw. It is hard to convey the level of originality, creativity, and spontaneity she brings to the group experience. She is able to blend elements of gestalt, psychodrama, role-playing, and her own infectious style of play into an approach that perfectly fits the intensive demands of schema mode work, cajoling patients to change in profound ways.”

    Ida is the author of numerous chapters, research articles evaluating GST and three books on schema therapy, which have been translated into many languages.


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