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Dr. John Gasiewski, Ph.D.

New York, NY


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Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy in New York City for Individuals and Couples

I extend a warm welcome to you.  I have provided caring and highly skilled services as a cognitive-behaviorally oriented psychotherapist since 2002. I have over 20 years work and management experience in corporate/partnership, hospital, private practice, and academic work settings.   This experience, an empathic and caring presence, and my graduate and post-graduate training combine to offer powerful healing for the patients I work with.

My qualifications include:

Advanced Certified Schema Therapist.  (For more on Schema Therapy, a powerful cognitive-behavorial and psycho-dynamic approach, click on: schematherapy.com)
International and local presentations and workshops on topics such as Anger Modes and Punitiveness via the International Society of Schema Therapists and Rutgers University
International and national supervision of Schema Therapists in training
Ongoing collaboration and supervision with internationally recognized expert Wendy Behary, LCSW, author of Disarming the Narcissist (disarmingthenarcissist.com).
Reviewer at the Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy
Presentations to Corporate and Non-Profit Organizations on using Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy to overcome anxiety and depression.
Psychoanalytic Institute training at National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NYC)
Masters in Social Work from New York University, merit-based scholarship recipient
Ph.D. in Social Foundations of Education, University of Virginia. Focus on developmental and learning theory and managerial psychology
Skilled provider of group services such as group psychotherapy and psycho-education at the intensive outpatient level of care, and outpatient groups on depression, bereavement, domestic violence, and mental illness/chemical abuse. 
Many year practitioner of mindfulness approaches such as insight meditation, yoga, mantra, and controlled breathing 

Member of:
International Society of Schema Therapy
National Association of Social Workers
New Jersey Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists
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Dr. John
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Gasiewski, Ph.D.
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330 W. 38th Street, Ste 1201
New York, NY
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New York
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