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Good Enough Parenting by John and Karen Louis

  • 25 Jun 2016
  • 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Mercure Hotel, Friesenstrasse 44-48 50670 Köln, Germany

Good Enough Parenting by John and Karen Louis

Helping Parents Utilize Principles of Schema Therapy to Prevent the Development of Schemas in Children

Research has shown that when core emotional needs are not met during a child’s formative years, schemas will develop. These core emotional needs are Connection & Acceptance, Healthy Autonomy & Performance, Reasonable Limits, Realistic Expectations, and Spiritual Values & Community. While no one’s parenting can ever be perfect, “Good Enough Parenting” offers a step-by-step guide on how parents can learn to meet these core emotional needs, provide parenting that is “good enough” to avoid Exasperation, and prevent Schemas from developing in their children (and weaken those already present).

Come for a day of training by John and Karen Louis, the creators of Good Enough Parenting (GEP), and learn to empower your adult clients to be better parents, get tools to help children and parents have a better connection, and see how using movies and cartoons can help clients better understand their schemas and therefore get healed sooner. 

Based in Singapore and married for almost 30 years with two adult children, John and Karen Louis bring unique experience and expertise to Good Enough Parenting. Both are global citizens, with John being of Indian descent, born and raised in Malaysia and educated in the UK, while Karen hails from a cotton farm in Texas. Having lived in England, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, the Louis are sensitive to parenting issues from many cultures. John is a certified schema therapist, trained by Jeffrey Young, and Karen is a Master Solution Focused Practitioner.

The following are endorsements of the Good Enough Parenting Program and the book, Good Enough Parenting.

“In a world of too much information, Good Enough Parenting teaches parents how to MEET CORE NEEDS, and, at the same time, how to avoid passing down their own dysfunctional behaviors. Schema Therapy has been successful with adults, but I have always wanted to see someone do something on preventing schemas, or lifetraps, in children, and here it is!”

 Dr. Jeffrey Young Founder, Schema Therapy, New York

“This handbook...is impressive in its details and the theoretical knowledge is linked with expressive examples from everyday life (including examples from the author ́s own family) plus vivid cartoons. The tone of the book is always non-judgmental, warm and encouraging. The title ‘good enough parenting’ cautions us against unrelenting standards.”
Eckhard Roediger, M.D., President, International Society of Schema Therapy 

“Some experts propose that the best gift we can give to our children is a healthy parent. Good Enough Parenting offers us the opportunity to peer into the complexities of our own personalities, life traps, and coping styles, to discover those unique challenging moments in parenting...the ones that can activate longstanding personal struggles as well as amazing strengths. In addition to providing clear and accessible information, along with powerful tools for effective parenting, John and Karen Louis invite the reader to experience an investigative journey into the “personal” trappings and triggers that occur under the condition of being a parent. You will find step-by-step strategies for overcoming some of the most difficult obstacles, not the least of which is learning how to eliminate the unhealthy distraction of critical self- judgments in favor of harnessed responsibility and joyfulness, and managed expectations. Grounded in the robust foundational work of the evidenced-based Schema Therapy approach, “Good Enough Parenting” will be a valuable asset to your library.”

Wendy Behary, Past President, International Society of Schema Therapy 

“In Good Enough Parenting, John and Karen Louis put powerful new understandings and tools into parents’ hands and show them, with an engaging blend of clarity, authority, warmth, openness and humility, exactly how to use these to transform the quiet day to day moments, common challenges and emotional crises of parenthood into opportunities to set their children on the path to flourishing as adults. In this first of its kind guide, John and Karen integrate the insights and strategies of an important new approach to meeting core emotional needs, Schema Therapy, with the latest research related to parenting. They do so in a way that makes clear their extensive experience, doing full justice to the complexity and challenges of parenting and yet keeping it simple and clear enough to be of immediate and practical relevance. Parents and professionals helping parents should read this book.”

George Lockwood, Ph.D., Past Representative for Public Affairs, International Society of Schema Therapy 

See John’s and Karen’s website for more information on GEP! 

See the website of IST-K Schematherapie Kiln, or please EMAIL for enquiries. 

To register, go to: PARENTING

Location: Köln (Cologne), Mercure Hotel Köln-City Friesenstraße  (correct)

organized by: IST-K Schematherapie Koeln, website: ww.schematherapie-koeln.de

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