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Child-Adolescent Schema Therapy Certification Program Module 3 Ida Shaw

  • 02 Mar 2018
  • 9:00 AM (UTC-03:00)
  • 03 Mar 2018
  • 4:30 PM (UTC-03:00)
  • STI London offices

Child-Adolescent Schema Therapy Certification Program Module 3             with Ida Shaw

This 2 day training is Module 3 of the ISST Approved Child-Adolescent Schema Therapy Certification Program.

This workshop will present a model for approaching and treating mode clashes with adolescents (ages 12-25) and their parents. Schema therapy(ST) with children and adolescents uses a developmental and systemic approach. When looking at problem behaviors and needs of adolescent clients, it is important to keep in mind the developmental stage your client is in- physical, cognitive, emotional and in social development.  The relationships an adolescent has at home with parents and in other important environments must be addressed as part of ST.  The mode model can be used to explain the problem behaviors of this critical developmental period to both adolescents and their parents. The concept of mode clashes is a productive way to describe and address these problems. It can remove blame, and facilitates getting through impasses in these important relationships. The mode clash approach includes looking at underlying needs and how they can be met. Changing the family dynamic in this way can even have preventative effects for adolescents.

Participants will learn how to identify these mode clashes, present them to adolescent clients and their parents and use Schema Therapy interventions to work through them so that the underlying needs are better meet. There will be particular emphasis on creative experiential work. We will explore the milestones of each developmental phase, the effect they may have on modes and schemas and the mode clashes that can occur when parent and child/adolescent needs are different. The workshop will focus on practice: demonstrations of the interventions and opportunities for participant practice with coaching and discussion. There will be a brief didactic presentation as introduction.


Ida Shaw is an ISST Certified Trainer-Supervisor in ST-Child/Adolescent, Group ST and Individual ST. In the last few years attention has been paid to the specific adaptations needed to use Schema therapy, which originated for adults, effectively with the child and adolescent populations. In 2014 a specialty area in Child-Adolescent ST was recognized by the ISST. A work group that began in Germany with Christof Loose, Peter Graf, Gerhard Zarbock and Petra Baumann-Frankenberger went on to include Ida Shaw, Maria Galimzyanova, Elena Romanova and Paul Kasyanik. 

 Ida is best known for her innovative experiential work and the development of the Group Schema Therapy model, but her graduate training focused on Developmental Psychology and work with Children and adolescents. She was pulled into working with BPD in her collaboration with Joan Farrell, but after three books and 20 years of specialization and providing training she has recently returned to her roots in Child and adolescent ST. She has established an ISST Approved Certification Training Program in C/A ST at the Schema Therapy Institute Midwest-Indianapolis.

For more information about this training and for registration contact: 


For an overview of the ISST Certification curriculum go to the ISST website section on C-A ST.

For more about Ida and details regarding the full Child-Adolescent Schema Therapy Program: www.BPD-home-BASE.org  

or email Ida Shaw

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Schema therapy has been extensively researched to effectively treat a wide variety of typically treatment resistant conditions, including Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read our summary of the latest research comparing the dramatic results of schema therapy compared to other standard models of psychotherapy.

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