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  • 22 Oct 2022
  • 10:00 AM (EDT)
  • 14 Dec 2022
  • 1:00 PM (EST)
  • Online

PictureTake your couples to new heights

Get the tools, insights, and inspiration you need to help your most challenging couples using the schema therapy model.


Get fresh perspectives

​Work with fellow Schema Therapists from around the world as you stretch your couple therapy skills

How do you break through the negative patterns of your most difficult couples? Most likely, one or both partners has a “raw spot” that leads him or her to react in rigid, habitual ways that can derail even the most well-intended couples therapy. Until now, no couples therapy has been developed specifically to address more severe couples where one or both partners have what are commonly diagnosed as personality disorders.

If you practice Schema Therapy, you know that it is a complete therapeutic model created to help therapists effectively change ingrained aspects of character commonly associated with personality disorders. Applied to couples, the model targets schemas and modes that lead to distress in in a love relationship.

The same clinically-proven model that has resulted in significant changes in individual and group modalities for several personality disorders, including Borderline Personality Disorder, has now been employed to help schema therapists like you to "team up" with both partners in a relationship to both repair distress, and to heal past relationship injuries.  

You can use the Schema Therapy skills and knowledge you have gained through the individual, group, or children & adolescents specialities and systemically apply them to relationships using the Schema Couples Therapy model. Practitioners of Schema Couples Therapy know that working with partners in a love relationship effectively requires much more than using Schema Therapy with two individuals in a session.

We will help you break down the complexity of Schema Therapy when applied to couples dynamics to apply the model in a way that can be simple to use, and unpack what may feel chaotic to help your couples reignite their passion and marital satisfaction.


Schema Therapy provides significant advances in couples therapy
  • Empirically validated and reliable assessment instruments to pinpoint themes behind each partner’s sensitivities—you will be able to rapidly access specific problem areas
  • Conceptualization tools to help you develop treatment plans with specific strategies and techniques that target problem areas
  • Multiple change strategies during treatment to address even the most difficult couples. Use tools to track the progress of your couple, and quantify progress as it happens


The Schema Therapy Training Center of New York (STTC) is offering the complete 30-hour workshop training portion online needed to meet the criteria for Certification as an Advanced Schema Couples Therapist by the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST).

After you complete the 10-session course, if you plan to pursue certification, you can continue to meet the supervision and session recording requirements, and STTC will assist you in your journey towards certification completion. We offer training from standard to advanced levels in certification, and will help you if you plan to work toward becoming an Educational Consultant (aka Supervisor) and Trainer, to teach Schema Couples Therapy in your area of the world.

​STTC's Training Program offers:
  • Small-size workshops: you will be training in a small group size, connecting with peers from around the world while getting personalized attention
  • Free listing on our website as a resource to help promote yourself and your practice or area of focus
  • Complimentary access to our resources that will help you connect with fellow Schema Couples Therapy trainees to support each other during your development​                                                                           ​

The Schema Therapy Training Center of New York is an approved certification training program of the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST).


​Take a few minutes to complete your application now, and you’ll hear from us shortly with the next steps. Class size is limited, so apply now.


Complete all workshop requirements during our online 10-session course, beginning Fall 2022 or Spring 2023


OCT 12, 19, 26
NOV 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
DEC 7, 14


JAN 18, 25
FEB 1, 8, 15, 22
MARCH 1, 8, 29

3-hour segments

TIME: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Eastern Daylight Time

​Check your time: TIME


215 Park Avenue South Manhattan, New York


Schema Couples Training Online Program Starts Fall 2022 or Spring 2023

Tuition for the Schema Couples Therapy Online Workshop
Tuition covers the 30 hours of online workshop training required for certification

Option 1: Full Payment
One full payment of $995 (approximately €977)

1. Upon acceptance, one payment of $995

Option 2: Four Installments
Total: $1295 (approximately €1271)
​1. Upon acceptance, $295 payment
2. 60 days before the training begins, $300 payment
3. 30 days before the training begins, $300 payment
4. 10 days before the training begins, $400 payment

Option 3: Full Payment for Reduced Countries*
One full payment of $550 (approximately €540)

Option 4: Four Installments for Reduced Countries*
Total: $700 (approximately €687)
​1. Upon acceptance, $150 payment
2. 60 days before the training begins, $200 payment
3. 30 days before the training begins, $200 payment
4. 10 days before the training begins, $150 payment

*Special Reduced Rates are Available for Residents of the Following Countries:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Belarus, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Estonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Montenegro, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, and Vietnam

Trainers: Travis Atkinson

Visit our homepage: www.schematherapytraining.us



215 Park Avenue South 11th Floor
​New York, NY 10003

(212) 725 - 7774

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Why Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy has been extensively researched to effectively treat a wide variety of typically treatment resistant conditions, including Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read our summary of the latest research comparing the dramatic results of schema therapy compared to other standard models of psychotherapy.

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