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Training Coordinator Rita Younan

I am pleased to serve as the new Training Coordinator on the ISST Executive Board (2020-2022). I will be posting more information shortly about Training Programs and Schema Therapy trainings and events throughout the world.

  • 03 Mar 2019 12:02 AM | Jeff Conway (Administrator)

    I am very happy to be the Training Coordinator.  I hope to interact with all the Training Directors throughout the world in the near future.   Please feel free to reach out to me about training issues and questions.

Joan Farrell is Coordinator for Training and Certification on the ISST Executive Board

Certification Coordinator Cristina Sterie

New Time Limits for applying for the ISST Certification

Dear Members of the ISST Community,

The Executive Board has approved new rules regarding the time limits for applying for the ISST Certification. New rules clarify the process of determining the deadlines for submission of applications and make it easier and more convenient to use. 

ISST Certification Coordinator

You can find the new rules here: https://schematherapysociety.org/Certification


Discussion of the current academic requirement to train for Schema Therapy Certification 

The ISST Executive Board has spent a few months discussing the issue of whether our current academic requirement of a Master's degree or higher was a good fit for some of the countries our members represent. We were made aware that in some places (e.g., the UK, Australia) certificate programs exist that are equivalent to the traditional Master's degree. We asked the Training Program directors to give us feedback on this issue. Here is a summary of their comments:

1.    In general most agree that an exception could be made for the master degree requirement if national guidelines allow for psychotherapists with certifications other than a master or PhD degree to be recognized as psychotherapists. This seems to apply particularly to the UK and Australia.
It was suggested that the academic degree requirement not be removed, rather that we add a possible  "second" route”, which meets the country's standard.  
2.    Keep the licensing requirement: “the candidate should be licensed or recognized by governmental bodies to practice psychotherapy in their countries”
a.    Specify which bodies in a country qualify to give this recognition.
3.   Most training directors want to add a clinical experience requirement of at least 2 years, particularly for Advanced level certification
4.    Have different requirements for Standard and Advanced levels – those who do not fully meet the academic requirement currently in place can apply for standard level certification. The newly approved Aux certification is not a solution for this group of applicants as it specifically states that it is for non-psychotherapists.
5.    Do not add a “Basic diploma” as it will confuse the public and could be misused as well as affecting the ST “brand” negatively

The EB discussed this feedback and attempted a compromise between openness to qualified psychotherapists and requirements that would match the complexity of the ST model and maintain its integrity. This led to a description of the procedure for evaluating applications not meeting the current academic requirement. 

Procedure: Exceptions to the Masters degree or higher academic requirement to begin training in Schema Therapy

In countries where a Masters degree is not the only route to the approved practice of psychotherapy, exceptions to the Masters degree requirement to apply for ST training will be based upon the practice of that country. Recommendations for the requirements to be met for exceptions in each country where this issue applies will be made by consensus of the ISST Approved Training Program Directors of that country. The requirements for an exception to apply for Standard level certification only may also be specified.

The ISST Executive Board will evaluate and approve the final requirements. In this way a standard practice for making exceptions can be established and all applicants treated in the same manner. In the event that an ISST member applicant disagrees with denial of an exception the appeal process outlined for certification issues will be followed. This process can be found on the ISST website.

Approved 10-3-15 ISST Executive Board Meeting

Requests for exceptions should be emailed to the T&C Coordinator.

Best wishes,

Dear Colleagues: 

The ISST Summer School is 6 weeks away (June 11-13). You still have time to register to attend this groundbreaking event. It is the first time an ISST sponsored international training event will take place in the area of Eastern Europe. 

Why St. Petersburg? 

The ISST Executive Board organized Summer School 2015 to meet the growing need for schema therapy trainings in the geographic area, and to support our new colleagues in Eastern Europe. We view the practice of schema therapy and its research like all scientific and creative human endeavors, independent of world politics. It was in this spirit of international cooperation among those in the healing professions, and to support the new schema therapy training programs in Russia, Poland, the Ukraine, and Hungary (among others) that we chose St. Petersburg as the location for the second ISST Summer School. 

The Magic of the White Nights Festival at Bargain Prices

 St. Petersburg is a travel bargain: flights from all over Europe and other continents are still relatively inexpensive. Luxury hotels are priced at discount rates. Food costs are very low. There has never been a better time to visit St. Petersburg on a budget, and we hope that you will join us and support our colleagues in Eastern Europe.

 The Program 

During the three-day Summer School, we are offering three workshop options each day, giving participants a wide range of choices among practice and research areas of schema therapy. Each workshop size will be small -- no more than 30 participants -- providing everyone the opportunity to work closely with and be supervised in practice by some of the leading international experts in schema therapy. 

The roundtable discussions during Summer School will be thought provoking. The social programs will give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the beauty and culture of one of the world’s most historic and romantic cities. When you register for the workshops, you'll also receive a full Russian lunch each day, with two filling coffee breaks daily, included in the registration fee, cutting down on your overall travel costs even more.

Travel Arrangements

 We are happy to advise you regarding the VISA application process, and if you register now, it is not too late to apply. The venue hotel still has some rooms left at the low conference rate, and they will issue the tourist voucher you need for the VISA, as will travel agents and other hotels. If you have hesitated due to any of these travel requirements, know that there is help for you to complete the process. Our host institute in St. Petersburg will take extra good care of you during your stay.  

Register Now 

If you haven't yet registered, I urge you to attend this remarkable opportunity for learning, camaraderie and adventure. See the ISST website for more details, and register today before it is too late.

 Warm regards,


The Trainer-Supervisor Webinar

If you are ready to take the Trainer-Supervisor Webinar in English please let me know via email. My current plan is to try to deliver 3 or 4 a year depending upon demand. I am one of the people giving the "ISST Nuts and Bolts of the Trainer Supervisor Role", which is a 3 hour Part one of the current requirement. A committee led by Jeff Conway with involvement from a number of our senior trainer-supervisors is working on a Part 2 Workshop: Skills Development for ST Trainer-Supervisors. Another committee led by Susanne Vind is working on the quality assurance aspects of Training and Supervision and will put in place the evaluations of trainers, supervisors and training programs that were approved by the Executive Board in the 2012-2014 term. The QA committee will also develop criteria for evaluating non certification workshops on ST that will count toward the continuing education requirements to maintain ISST certification.  Neele Reiss chairs a third committee that overlaps Training and Certification and Research that will address the validation of our competency rating scales as well as initiate other research projects related to training. I am very thankful for these committees and the important role they have in preserving the integrity of our model and assuring ongoing quality for our certification program.

 Please know that you my contact me with questions or concerns also: EMAIL 




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