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Application for an ISST Approved Certification Training Program

The Certification Training Program application. It should be submitted to the Training Coordinator. The application is then sent to the Training Certification Committee for independent review/approval by two of its members and the recommendations are given to the Training Coordinator for final approval.  Individuals wanting to apply for a Training Program in Individual ST, in addition to their application, a document outlining how the curriculum criteria will be addressed also needs to be provided, the curriculum can be found  here.

Please find the checklist used to review training program applications hereIf a program application is not approved the decision can be appealed to the EB within 30 days of the non-approval decision. The appeal process is essentially the same as for certification applications: The EB may ask for more information and the member has 30 days to respond. If approval is still not recommended, the EB may decide to send the application to the Training Committee or to the Ethics and Conflict Resolution Committee for input. The final decision is made by majority vote of the EB. All exceptions granted are recorded and applied to any other member with the same situation or issue. Applicants may ask for review by the Ethics and Conflict Resolution Committee at any point in the process.

Attached here you will find the description of the 2016 Young-Behary International ST Certification Training Program as an example of the level of detail required. Thanks to Wendy and Jeff for allowing us to have this helpful example.

Should your training program be approved, please be made aware of your responsibilities as a Training Director here.

ISST Logo Use:

Only approved Certification Training Programs may use the ISST logo on training. You MUST have signed permission to use the ISST Logo on any promotional materials, web-pages, and handouts.  The form below must be completed and sent to the ISST President via this link to the office.

Logo Use Agreement form

Certificates of Participation in Training Modules

The module certificate form is meant to be used only by directors of approved certification training programs for stand alone workshops or modules designed to be later be used as part of a certification application. Information to complete numbers (1-5) can be found in the "Minimum Certification Training Requirements" document (also attached below) that refer to the specific certification curriculum requirements. These numbers should be used when filling out this form so that it is clear what requirement the module or workshop is fulfilling. 

Certification Module Certificate form

Independent Tape Raters for ISST certification

Tape raters must be certified at the Advanced level and have met the Trainer/Supervisor education requirement. Tape raters for certification must be independent. "Independent" has been defined by the ISST Executive Board as:  an ISST certified Supervisor/trainer who is not the director of the applicants training program, a supervisor or a participant in their training – didactic or role-play portions. We realize that there will be situations where this definition cannot be met completely – for example, a country with only one training program or very limited number of certified supervisor/trainers, forensic settings with limitations regarding taping or the removal of tapes from the institution. In those situations, please write to the ISST training coordinator to request an exemption. We took this position to remove the possibility of naturally occurring bias when the trainer and independent rater roles overlap.  We are also in the process of having the STCRS validated empirically and establishing an inter-rater reliability standard for independent raters to meet.

Please note that for Advanced level certification 2 different independent raters must be used - one for each tape. In addition two different patients must be sued. The full rating form with the summary sheet and case conceptualization must be sent in when applicants apply to ISST for certification. Tape raters can get access to the Schema Therapy Competency Rating Scale (STCRS) here. (Click for STRS )   



After certification, schema therapists will be asked to anonymously evaluate their supervision on a form supplied by ISST. If they participated in a certified training program they will also be asked to evaluate the program. If the mean rating over four or more individual supervisees falls below 4 the problems identified will be reviewed by the coordinator of Training & Certification and reported to the ISST Board, which will decide on further action. To maintain one’s Trainer/Supervisor or program certification a mean rating of 4 over all trainees in a two year period must be accomplished.




Anonymous ratings of training workshops by graduates

after they achieve certification.

To maintain Trainer or Training Program certification every two years a report of the mean rating of workshops evaluated must be reported.

A mean rating of 4 on a 0-6 scale must be accomplished.

These evaluations should be anonymous and completed at the end of a training event.

A standard rating form will be provided by ISST. This evaluation form will be developed by the newly formed ISST Quality Assurance committee chaired by Susanne Vind. 

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